Discover Ministries

Founded in 2000, Discover Ministries is an Australia-based, globally-minded Christian ministry focused on equipping & inspiring people in the Word of God. In its first decade, it has reached people in more than 35 nations through its seminars, books, CDs, DVDs, online media and television program. Every day we are seeing more people strengthened in their faith and coming into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Pastor Steve Cioccolanti welcomes you to this official site!

If you sense a call to be involved, we offer many areas of ministry - TV production, foreign language translation, partners relations, subtitling, printing, web development - just to name a few! Your prayers and partnership exalt Him and impact lives!

How do we do it? We are helping Christians serve their churches and reach the world for Jesus by:

Public Speaking in Church Services & Inter-church Seminars - We show Christians how the Bible is relevant to reality and help them apply and share God's Word. We give Christians answers to popular objections and common questions like:

  • "Are all religions the same?"
  • "Why is there sickness and suffering?"
  • "How does faith affect my behavior and feelings?"
  • "What does the Bible say about natural disasters, the global financial meltdown and the end times?"

All our messages are supported by Scriptures, while giving room for the Holy Spirit to guide.

Publishing Books, CDs, DVDs - Based on real-life experience, we are convinced by the effectiveness of Christian materials to reach hearts and homes. God tells us that Heaven contains books (Rev 10:8-10, 20:12, Ezek 3:1-2), therefore the invention of books is eternal. At the same time, we believe the world no longer lives in an "Age of Information" but an "Age of Entertainment," therefore visually stimulating resources are particularly effective in this generation. We invest our ministry funds to make the best production of books, DVDs and CDs available to the Christian today!

Forging New Frontiers. While the Christian message never changes, our methods must. Like David who composed songs to Hebrew tunes (Psalms), we also aim to "serve our own generation by the will of God" (Acts 13:36) by traveling to minister, producing multimedia and having a strong Internet presence. Discover Ministries looks for Christians to be both creative and systematic for our Lord Jesus' Kingdom.